Anaerobic Digester Covers

ClearStream offers a wide range of digester cover solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Our digester covers can fit any size of tank and are designed to be easy to install. Our focus is reducing the installed cost of each cover while maintaining a high standard of quality. Each digester design is custom designed using the latest technology in 3D CAD software. In addition to our CAD software our automation software makes it possible to provide consistent quality in each design and provided in a fraction of the time; this means we can meet even the most intensive schedules.

The Digester Cover Designs we offer include:

  • Buoyant Truss Steel Covers
  • Gasholder Truss Steel Covers
  • Radial Beam Fixed Steel Covers
  • Radial Beam Gasholder Steel Covers
  • Flexible Dual Membrane Gasholder Covers (Tank Mounted)
  • Flexible Dual Membrane Gasholder Covers (Slab Mounted)