Costing less than half the price of a typical steel gasholder of the same capacity, these gasholders are increasingly becoming the normal method of containing and handling biogas.

The gas storage systems are exclusively manufactured from advanced structural fabrics, and designed as membranes to provide both structural ( climatic ) stability and impermeable gas storage. No metals are used, except for the anchorage connecting the membranes to a concrete foundation slab. The gasholders are provided with inflation fans and full instrumentation to measure and control the storage process. The membranes, unlike steel, are totally resistant to the acids inevitably formed during the biogas production process in the anaerobic digesters.


Dual Membrane Tank Top Covers & Slab Mounted 

Tailor made gasholders for a total adaptation to the specification required by the customer.

Wide range of PVC Fabrics available to offer the best quality/price.

Operating pressures from 1 in/w.c. – 20 in/w.c.

Our membranes are manufactured by a company in the UK that has 23 years of experience in double flexible membrane gasholders.



Slab Mounted Dual Membrane


  • Easier and cheaper to maintain
  • Higher Pressure


  • Seperate civil works is required. Therefore there is an extra cost in civil works and it requires extra space in the plant layout. 


Tank Mounted Dual Membrane


  • The digester roof does not need to installed. The double membrane gasholder will work as a tank roof and as a storage/buffer tank. 
  • Less civil works required
  • Less space in the installation. No footprint required because it is installed in the digester footprint. 


  • More difficult to maintain
  • More expensive to maintain. Any maintenance or remedial works will require elevated platforms, cranes, etc. 
  • Lower Pressure


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