Gravity Sludge Thickener Center Column Mounted


Thickeners are used in water and wastewater applications to take solids from other liquid solids separation processes and thicken the solids prior to further dewatering and/or digestion. The drive is mounted on a stationary center pier. The rotating portion of the drive turns a structural torque cage, which in turn rotates the sludge removal mechanism. The drive also supports the walkway and center platform.


1.    Can handle extreme torque conditions.
2.    Bridge has shorter unsupported span and is less expensive in units over 50 feet in diameter.
3.    Center column doubles as a walkway support and influent pipe.
4.    Lifting device option allows for heavy sludge loadings.


1.    The influent pipe must be buried beneath the thickener basin.
2.    Tanks are generally concrete to adequately support the center column.
3.    Center column and cage are more expensive than shaft driven rakes in smaller diameter tanks.