ClearFlo™ CLR systems are optimized for a wide variety of applications; from small packaged “bullseye” systems with an oxidation channel wrapped around a ClearStream clarifier for carbonaceous and ammonia removal, to large multi-channel systems for reliable and cost effective BNR processes.

Deeper space saving basins increase overall efficiency and reduce heat loss during winter operation.  Clean operating subsurface jet aeration eliminates mist and spray, Low maintenance, (no shafts of disks to break, or expensive gear drives to service), and long life make ClearFlo™ CLR Systems the clear choice. 


ClearFlo™ CLR Systems

ClearFlo™ Continuous Loops Reactor Systems

The ClearStream Approach

For small to medium sized facilities, the Anoxic and Aerobic zones are wrapped around a central clarifier.  The jet motive liquid pump recirculates nitrified mixed liquor to the anoxic zone at 2 to 5 times the design flow rate.


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