Influent Dispersion Well (IDW)

The baffled IDW design was tested against a conventional dispersion design at a ClearStream installation in New Hampshire.

In before and after studies of effluent quality during high clarifier flow scenarios, the ClearStream baffled IDW design performed significantly better than the conventional unit.

Scum Baffles

In the applications with high levels of scum or skimmings, it is often advantageous to use a scum baffle. This is a baffle provides increased in height at the scum box to prevent skimmings from being forced over the weir and thus contaminating the effluent quality.



ClearStream has provided and number of units over the years equipped with the LA EDI. We understand the design and the perceived benefits.

We have developed what we believed to be a better design and have proved this through CFD models, field testing, and operation.
McKinney Baffles

For shallow tanks, especially those being retrofitted, the McKinney baffle may be installed directly below the feedwell.

This baffle redirects flow in a horizontal pattern and therefore helps prevent the scouring or mixing of sludge which has been scraped to the center of the unit for discharge.


 Sludge Drum

The Sludge Drum rotates with the blades and therefore is always exposed to the highest concentration of sludge.

In addition, the opening matches the sludge profile, further reducing the amount short circuiting.

Hybrid Design

The Hybrid Design Rake is appropriate for applications in which it is desirable to use a suction pipe clarifier, but which feature a low solids level at the periphery of the clarifier.


Submerged Inner Baffles

Adding a submerged baffle outside of the standard feedwell can disrupt the sludge “creep” along the tank bottom that is inherent in circular clarifiers.
Corner Sweeps

A circular clarifier installed in a square tank will use corner sweeps to pull the settled sludge out of the tank corners.


Density Current Baffles

The Density Current Baffle is an angled baffle assembly located at the tank wall.  It’s primary function is to eliminate wall currents and prevents clarifier short circuiting.  The baffle assemblies are typically inexpensive and dramatically improve the performance of the process equipment.




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