Segmented Blade Clarifiers

Raking blades turned at an approximately 45-degree angle are supported from two structural support arms.  The settled sludge is plowed inward from one blade to another until it is deposited into a sludge pit.
Flocculating Clarifiers

ClearStream can custom design a unit to meet your needs. ClearStream can use their design expertise to meet your application no matter how challenging.


 Spiral Blade Clarifiers

Settled sludge is rapidly collected continuously along the spiral rake blade pushing it towards the center with one or two passes of the rake arm.
 Rim Drive Clarifiers

The simple but sturdy design of these rim drives provide excellent performance and low maintenance. These options and our expertise allow ClearStream to custom design clarifiers, drives, and other components to meet your specific application.


 Suction Header Clarifiers

Header design starts with dividing the tank into annular rings then sizing the suction header holes to withdrawn the amount of sludge within that ring.

Hole size and ring width is adjusted to achieve a balanced withdrawal rate across the clarifier bottom

 Titan Detritor™

The ClearStream Titan Detritor™ Grit Chamber is a continuous flow unit for the removal of sand, grit, etc. which settles due to its specific gravity, the water overflows through the outlet weirs.


 Suction Pipe Clarifier

Suction or Riser Pipe design works by lowering the water level in the RAS box causing a head differential between the water level in the tank and the RAS box causing settled solids are drawn up from the tank floor into the RAS box.
RapidStream™ - Highrate Solids Contact Clarifier/Thickener

The ClearStream RapidStream™ builds on proven technology to provide Chemical Mixing, Solids Contacting, Thickening, and High-rate Clarification in an economical footprint.


 Solids Contact Clarifiers

Solids contact clarifiers combine the process of mixing, flocculation and sedimentation in a single tank. Recirculation of solids and mixing is accomplished by a radial or axial impeller. Flocculation occurs within the reaction well.



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