Flocculating Clarifier with Dual Drive and Lift


ClearStream can custom design a unit to meet your needs. The photo to the left and drawing to the right show a Dual Drive with a lift at a major power producer in the southeast United States. This was for a flocculating clarifier with a heavy sludge load. The design allows the flocculator to continue to operate while the Rakes are lifted in high sludge conditions.

ClearStream can use their design expertise to meet your application no matter how challenging.

Dual Shaft Drive and Lift

Pyrite Canyon Treatment Facility

 Flocculating Clarifier



PRE™ Dual Shaft Drive

Two Flocculating Clarifiers with dual drives and deep Feedwell


40ft Dia ClearStream Flocculating Clarifier

with Lift and Satellite Mixers

FGD Wastewater

Marshall Steam Station is a four-unit, coal- and natural gas-fired generating facility located on Lake Norman in N.C. Named after former Duke Power President E.C. Marshall, the station is one of the largest power-generating facilities owned by Duke Energy in the Carolinas. The station generates enough energy to power approximately 2 million homes.



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