Rim Drive Clarifiers

- Hydraulic torque control, measured by the reaction of the rotation of the upper gear housing, offers a more accurate measurement of torque, along with eliminating the use of worm gears or mechanical overload devices, which can both seize up over time.

- Planetary and Helical speed reducers allow for high ef´Čüciency
designs, which in turn can reduce power consumption, thus saving the plant money in electricity costs.

- Direct coupled components eliminate the use of chains and sprockets, which makes maintenance of your drive unit simpler.

- Available On-site, Turnkey Inspection, Repair, and Replacement Services. Standard components save time and money.

- Economical Option

For heavy duty applications RIM drives can offer a cost-effective alternative. PRE’s direct drives use the same robust upper reducer as their precision main gear/bearing drives and the option for the same
direct torque measurement which is displayed on the easy-to-read torque dial . An optional 4 - 20 mA signal can be specified which may be sent to the control room for remote monitoring. This provides an extra level of instrumentation and feedback which is not normally included with standard mixer drives.

ClearStream manufacturers rim clarifiers where the bridge rotates with the drive.. In addition, these units may also be powered by hydraulic power units.

The simple but sturdy design of these rim drives provide excellent performance and low maintenance. These options and our expertise allow ClearStream to custom design clarifiers, drives, and other components to meet your specific application.


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