ClearFlo™ Jet Aeration Systems

ClearFlo™ Jet Aeration Systems offer state of the art aeration and mixing for a wide variety of municipal and industrial wastewater and process applications.
ClearFlo™ Process Optimization and Retrofits

Let ClearStream process engineers evaluate your current system and develop a plan to increase capacity, meet current standards, and reduce energy consumption.


ClearFlo™ Sequencing Batch Reactor Systems

ClearFlo™ SBR systems are optimized for a wide variety of applications; from small packaged single train systems, to large Constant Level SBR systems.

State of the art SBR designs are available to meet the Nation’s toughest BNR standards.
ClearFlo™ Continuous Loop Reactor Systems

ClearFlo™ CLR systems are optimized for a wide variety of applications; from small packaged “bullseye” systems with an oxidation channel wrapped around a ClearStream clarifier for carbonaceous and ammonia removal, to large multi-channel systems for reliable and cost effective BNR processes.


ClearFlo™ Bullseye Oxidation Channel

Provides the Full Spectrum of Treatment Options in a Single Unit.

For medium sized facilities requiring BOD removal and nitrification
Trickling Filters

Trickling Filters • Trickling filters are artificial beds of crashed stones or other porous media through which the settled sewage is allowed to percolate. • It is widely used for biological treatment of wastewater in order to remove organic matter • The liquid waste is applied intermittently over the top surface of the filters by means of a distributor. Filtered liquid is collected at the bottom through filter box and under drain system


Please ask us about our ClearFlo™ MBBR and our ClearFlo™ Induced Aerators/Forced Draft Aerators





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